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What is MAIF?

Maif is The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund.  It was established in 1972 to provide insurance to individuals that are unable to obtain insurance in the private insurance market.

How do I purchase a MAIF policy?

Maif policies can be purchased though an independent agent such as us. At www.maifinsuranceonline.com, or You can call us at 301-438-6243, 301 GET MAIF

Where is the closest place to buy a MAIF policy?

You can buy MAIF in one of our offices or online at our website or over the phone with an email account.

Is Maif insurance expensive?

Generally Maif insurance is competitive with most insurance companies.  Your driving record will determine the lowest rate available.

Does MAIF insure new drivers?

Maif insures new drivers, old drivers, married drivers, single drivers.  If you have a Maryland driver’s license or a Maryland learners permit you are eligible for Maif Insurance.  Your rate will be less expensive with a license as opposed to a permit but we can still insure your vehicle.

Does MAIF insure older vehicles?

Yes, Maif will insure your older vehicle.  If your vehicle is over 20 years old it would just be for liability insurance.  When some vehicles reach a certain age the value of the vehicle may exceed the cost of the insurance.  In that case your best policy will be liabilty coverage.  If your vehicle still has some value you can always get an estimate for Liability, Liability and comprehensive or Liability, comprehensive and collision coverage.

What is the BEST way to get MAIF?

The best way to get maif is to contact a Maif provider.  An agent can assist you with the best coverages for your needs.  Each individual has different needs so the policy should be specific to your situation.

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