Maif: Your Best Last Chance For Car Insurance

State law requires Maryland drivers to maintain minimum liability coverage for all registered drivable vehicles. Failure to comply with this law could result in penalties and fines, including loss of license and vehicle registration. In addition, those motorists who are caught without the minimum liability coverage will face having their license plates revoked and loss of privilege to register or renew suspended vehicle registrations.

Those with poor driving records, having difficulty obtaining or maintain vehicle liability insurance from private companies, can obtain the necessary insurance through the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF). The MAIF is a high risk insurance pool established for Maryland drivers to provide them a means to obtain automobile insurance.

The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund was created by the Maryland State Legislature to enable residents, who were unable to qualify for private insurance, to be able to meet the state minimum insurance requirements. Founded in 1972, MAIF is an independent state agency reporting to the Governor and responsible to the State Legislature. Regardless of whether the driver’s inability to obtain private insurance is because of numerous traffic violations accidents, or DUI convictions drivers can obtain the necessary insurance, as long as the following conditions are met:

-You are a resident of Maryland
-You hold a current Maryland driver’s license
-The vehicle is registered in Maryland
-You have been denied coverage or were cancelled by a private insurance company

By obtaining insurance through MAIF, residents can legally sign an FR-19 (Maryland Insurance Certification) necessary for registration of or renewal of registration for a vehicle. MAIF will also enable a driver to obtain an SR-22, a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR). An SR-22 may be required by the court or state for certain driving-related violations. Several insurance agencies located throughout Maryland can provide MAIF insurance. Due to the stiff penalties which uninsured drivers may face and the availability of obtaining insurance with an MAIF provider this cost effective alternative to private insurance is a must.

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