What is MAIF Insurance

MAIF is available to Maryland residents who have a current driver’s license or a registration that was issued in Maryland. This specific type of insurance is for those who are not able to register for insurance from private insurance companies. This insurance will provide auto liability insurance which will protect the consumer if a car accident occurs.

There are many ways to obtain an auto insurance quote, and the process is quick and simple to complete. Simply visit the participating location in Maryland, call or even obtain a personalized quote online. This type of insurance costs less than other competitors, but is only available to those who are unable to receive private insurance.

Maryland requires that drivers have bodily injury and property damage liability in order to drive legally in the state. This liability will ensure that if injury or property damage occurs at their offense, the medical costs and property damage costs will be covered by the insurance agency. If the minimum coverage insurance is not purchased, the driver will incur many penalties and fines. This is why it is vital for Maryland residents to receive liability insurance even if they are unable to pay for private insurance.

This type of insurance is also for those who need to purchase an FR-19 registration, for those who have been convicted of a DUI or DWI, for those who have previously been at fault for a collision without liability coverage, or those who have been convicted of reckless driving. These offenses will cause insurance companies to refuse coverage, or only offer it at very high rates because of the driver’s past experiences.

MAIF is perfect for those who have been convicted of the above crimes, and who are unable to pay the fees of conventional insurance companies. It is important to protect yourself against the legal consequences of driving an uninsured vehicle.

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