Personal Auto Insurance

Personal auto insurance is not only mandatory by law, but it is a necessity for drivers of cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. Drivers without auto insurance coverage face a huge risk of being assessed major fines, having their license suspended and possibly serving time in jail. Furthermore, many car dealerships refuse to allow a buyer to drive a new or used car off their car lots without purchasing personal auto insurance on the day of sale. Fortunately, MAIF Insurance is a reputable, trained and qualified insurance company that employs expert agents who are skilled in locating cost effective and personal auto insurance to each of their clients.

Drivers become victims of accidents every day. The costs associated with having a car repaired after an accident can be astronomical. Damages can range from major engine work through repairing the body of a vehicle. If a car is totaled, the cost of purchasing a replacement can become quite expensive. Now is the time to talk with a MAIF insurance agent to avoid major accidental expenses in the future.

MAIF help their clients locate personal auto insurance policies that fit their budgets using their Roadway Auto Insurance tool. No budget is refused. Clients who have bad driving records are able to obtain insurance through MAIF. They take the time to consult with each future policy holder to assess what their needs are. MAIF’s main objective is to provide personal auto insurance coverage to drives that may be refused at other insurance companies. Future clients can receive free quotes on various policies before making their decision. Quotes can be obtained 7 days a week and 24 hours a day by simply filling out a form on the website or giving MAIF a call during regular business hours.

In addition to personal auto insurance, MAIF also offers bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage. This is a necessity in Maryland if hospitalization, due to injury after an accident, is needed. Clients, who suffer from broken bones, whip lash or any other type of auto injury will be well protected under these additional policies.

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