Top Common Misconceptions When It Comes To Insuring Your Vehicle

Car insurance can be confusing for some people to understand. The internet is flooded with incorrect information and misconceptions about car insurance and many of these can cause you to lose out on money. Below are some of the common myths that are associated with insuring your car.

Your Personal Belongings In Your Car Are Covered By Your Insurance

Unfortunately, this is not true. If anything is stolen out of your car, your insurance is not going to pay for it. Likewise, if you are involved in an accident and some of your personal affects are destroyed, they will not be paid for either. Many insurance companies will only cover items that are attached or that can be attached to your car. There are certain exceptions to this, but it is worth talking to your car insurance agent to be clear.

Red Cars Cost More To Insure

This has been a popular misconception pertaining to car insurance for many years. Thankfully, this is not necessarily true. While a red vehicle does not generally cost more to insure, red cars have been known to be more expensive to buy. This is caused by the popularity of the color red. Another statistic that is important to know is that red cars are known to be pulled over more for speeding and other traffic violations than any other color. The theory behind this is that red is synonymous with flashy sports cars that have drivers who are more likely to take chances behind the wheel than drivers of other color cars.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Covers Your Medical Bills After An Accident

This is wrong. This coverage only covers the person’s medical bills that you hit. The amount of the coverage also has limitations per accident and it can also have a per person limit as well. If the state you drive in has personal injury protection, then that is what will cover you and pay for your medical bills.

If you are looking to purchase car insurance, it is important to find a company that you can trust. If you are a resident of Maryland and need liability insurance from a reputable company, visit to get a fast and easy quote.

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