Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is an absolute necessity for any business that maintains a fleet of rolling stock or even a single vehicle in discharge of any business operations. Before buying commercial auto insurance, it is important to look at the protection needs of the business and the levels of coverage that are offered. Always do a good sample of premium bids and inspect any policy that may look attractive. The devil may be in the details.

The cost of the premium is not only going to be affected by the type of business and commercial vehicles used, but includes the amount of deductibles along with minimum and maximum coverages. Comprehensive full coverage will also have an impact on the cost of the premium. In addition to vehicle applications and the number of miles covered by company vehicles, the driving records of all of the company’s certified drivers are also considered. Many businesses that need commercial auto insurance are required by law to have commercial driver’s licenses of some class and those certifications will be needed also.

Commercial auto insurance polices typically offer increased amounts of liability coverage, along with increased amounts of comprehensive. Full coverage can be an attractive insurance choice, especially considering the cost of vehicles in today’s market. Replacing a commercial vehicle may mean the difference in staying in business in the event of a significant accident and is well worth the added expense.

When purchasing commercial auto insurance it can be to the company’s advantage to get as many quotes as possible from insurance agents that deal largely in commercial insurance. An experienced commercial insurance specialist can offer ways to save money and also knows the coverage requirements of various industries. Effective and efficient insurance professionals can be found online at Just go to the agency page and review the types of coverage that may be applicable to the type of business.

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