Personal Auto Insurance

After people have had difficulties in their driving pasts, they may find that auto insurance companies will refuse to offer them personal auto insurance. Because auto insurance in Maryland is mandatory, drivers do not have a choice in this matter. The state of Maryland created the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) to accommodate the needs of those who cannot be insured by other auto insurance companies.

Who Qualifies for MAIF

Roadway Auto Insurance offers more MAIF policies than any other auto insurance company, and it can provide this coverage to Maryland residents who have either a Maryland driver’s license or a Maryland registration on their vehicles. Those who meet these simple qualifications can obtain a very affordable quote for their personal auto insurance policies with this company.

What Type of Coverage People Can Purchase from the MAIF

Under the MAIF policy, Maryland drivers will be able to purchase the required liability coverage they need to drive legally in the state. Included in this package is bodily injury liability coverage in the amount of $30,000 if they injure one person in an accident as well as $60,000 in the event that more than one person is hurt. They will also be able to purchase property damage liability coverage in the amount of $15,000.

Candidates for Personal Auto Insurance from the MAIF

Some people have difficulties obtaining their personal auto insurance because of what is on their driving records. MAIF is designated for those who have:

• Several tickets due to traffic violations
• Arrests and/or convictions for DUI
• Prior accidents

Every auto insurance company will read an applicant’s driving record. If any of the above-mentioned marks are on the driving record, the company may decide not to insure this person at all. In the event that they do offer a policy, these auto insurance companies tend to charge the highest prices because these people are in a high risk category. It may be impossible for them to pay the premiums. Although Roadway Auto Insurance will ask for the driving record, it will not prevent people with poor driving records from obtaining personal auto insurance for a reasonable price.

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