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Maryland Car Insurance Requirements

The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, also known as MAIF, require a vehicle to be covered by liability insurance to be able to register or tag your vehicle, to prevent your tags from being suspended, or renew your registration or acquire your stickers. This information will assist you in understanding the coverage requirements in the state of Maryland. Here is the information:

* Liability Insurance – This pays for damaged property or bodily injury to
another person that you cause because of negligent or careless operation of a
vehicle. It may also pay for an individual using your car with your
authorization or the if the accident was caused by a member of your family
living with you. Presently, Maryland requires minimum or least liability limits
of 30/60/15 or thirty thousand dollars for each person, sixty thousand dollars
per accident for bodily injury and fifteen thousand dollars per accident for
damaged property.

If you lease a car, you may want to consider higher limits, or in order to
protect your assets. Higher limits are accessible for an additional premium.

* Uninsured Motorists – This coverage supplies recovery for property damage and
and bodily injury caused by the operator of a vehicle that is uninsured. This
includes a hit and run driver, after any suitable deductible. Maryland Law
requires motorists that are uninsured limits of 30/60/15 or thirty thousand
dollars per person, sixty thousand dollars per accident as respects to bodily
injury and fifteen thousand dollars per person for damaged property.

Enhanced limits are available for an additional premium. These limits cannot
surpass the third party limits. When you have higher limits, it gives you
extra protection in case there is a serious accident. This can also supply
underinsured coverage for you as well, if you are involved in an accident with
a motorist who has minimum limits coverage.

* Personal Injury Protection – This is also known as PIP protection, which covers
lost income and medical expenses for you and your passengers who are hurt in a
covered accident, up to two thousand and five hundred dollars for each person.
Without regard to fault, Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, pays your medical
bills for you.

For a decreased premium, Personal Injury Protection may be waived. But,
relatives in your household that are sixteen years of age or under, along with
specific others, are still covered.