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What is MAIF?

In the State of Maryland, automobile insurance coverage is required on all motor vehicles. Drivers that have accumulated motor vehicle offenses might have a difficult time obtaining insurance from private sector carriers. MAIF Insurance makes it possible for these drivers to meet the minimum insurance requirements.

MAIF stands for the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund. This fund was established in 1972 by the Maryland State government to help residents who have difficulty obtaining necessary insurance to become insured.

There are minimum motor vehicle insurance requirements in the State of Maryland. Minimum liability coverage is 30/60/15. This means $30,000 of coverage per person for bodily injury, $60,000 for total bodily injury, and $15,000 coverage for property damage. Proof of insurance is necessary to register your vehicle, prevent your tags from being suspended, and to renew your registration. If you don’t carry at least the minimum liability insurance on your motor vehicle, this could result in losing your plates and registration, as well as other sanctions including facing multiple fees and fines.

MAIF Insurance can provide insurance if you are a resident of the State of Maryland, are a licensed driver in Maryland or have a proper and current registration, and if you are unable to purchase the necessary insurance coverage through the private sector. MAIF offers drivers the chance to obtain the legally required minimum liability insurance coverage, as well as the addition of greater amounts of insurance, if desired. You can purchase liability in different coverage amounts, and add additional features such as collision, comprehensive, rental, and towing. If you currently have a loan on a vehicle you are purchasing, the lender may require that you obtain additional insurance features, such as collision and comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.

To save costs on MAIF insurance, begin by choosing the minimum liability requirements and a higher deductible. Keeping continuous coverage and avoiding traffic violations can reduce your rates. With MAIF Insurance, you can meet Maryland insurance requirements.