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Reporting A Car Accident To MAIF Insurance

The first thing to do when you have been involved in an accident is to notify the police. No matter how severe the accident is, it is extremely important to have a police officer at the site of the accident. They will ensure that an official record is reported in case it is needed down the line. Additionally, the police officer will record the testimony from both parties involved in the event. This will be helpful if there are any misunderstandings that may lead to court. When police are involved, the claims process will always move along faster.

Second, remember never to admit fault, because this may lead the police and insurance companies to drop any investigations as to who was actually at fault. There is always the possibility that you are in a situation in which you thought you were the party at fault, but it turns out that the other party was at fault all along. By not admitting fault, it ensures that every factor is taken into account before making a final judgment.

If there happens to be an injury, then you must notify authorities that emergency personnel are needed. Follow any and all advice that the emergency personnel affords to prevent any further complications.

If no one is seriously injured, all parties should exchange their information to speed up the claims process later on. Be sure to exchange your phone number, name, license plate number, address, make and model of the vehicle and driver’s license number. It is also important to exchange information with any witnesses.

Documenting the scene can provide useful information during the claims process as well. With the advent of smartphone technology, it has never been easier to document a car accident using built-in cameras. Get as many close-up and wide shots of the damage as possible. Moreover, document any environmental conditions that may have caused the accident, such as construction, road debris, weather, etc.

Finally, report your claim to your insurance company. MAIF insurance in Maryland will assign you a claim number and adjuster. The adjuster will collect all the necessary information and ensure that your claim process runs as smoothly as possible.