Dropped by your Car Insurance Company? Get MAIF Insurance!

Have you recently been dropped by your car insurance company due to a bad driving record? We can help!

Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) insurance is available to ALL residents of Maryland, regardless of their driving record.

Established in 1972, MAIF insurance is the alternative for Maryland drivers who suddenly find themselves without car insurance, or who are unable to get car insurance with traditional insurance carriers.

Maryland law requires that all drivers are insured, and have a certain amount of minimum coverage. The agents of MAIF insurance can answer your car insurance questions and help you select the right policy for you.

Concerned about the cost of MAIF?

Recent laws passed in the state of Maryland establish payment plan options for MAIF insurance- contact a MAIF agent to get the details and choose a plan that suits your budget best!

Don’t drive uninsured in Maryland! Call 301-476-4887 to speak with an agent and get back on the road with the insurance coverage you need.

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