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Need car insurance today? Easy- just call MAIF!

Lose you car insurance? Recently locate to the state of Maryland, but are undocumented? Poor driving record?

If you are a Maryland driver, you need car insurance! Maryland not only has minimum state requirements for auto insurance coverage, but will punish offenders with fines and possible court ordered sanctions. Don’t drive in Maryland without car insurance.

MAIF offers car insurance to ALL Maryland residents, including those dropped by an insurance company due to accidents or traffic violations. MAIF is also available to undocumented drivers who have recently become licensed under new legislation.

Establishing or reinstating a MAIF car insurance policy is easy: you don’t even have to leave your living room! Contact us by calling 301-476-4887 or go online and begin the process of obtaining a MAIF policy that will have you back on the road with the insurance coverage you need.

If you would like to sit down with one of our experienced reps, there are 3 convenient office locations serving the Baltimore-Washington metro area:

Capitol Heights: serving Landover and Capitol Heights

Laurel: serving Laurel, Beltsville and the Baltimore area

Temple Hills: serving Temple Hills and the Suitland area

No need to be without car insurance in Maryland- call MAIF and start driving again.