MAIF Insurance Rate Reductions Statewide Effective this Month!

MAIF has approved rate reductions that will take effect April 7, 2104. For most of Maryland, liability rates will be reduced with the amount of reduction depending on your location: discounts will be up to 30% of current premium rates. Contact MAIF Insurance to discuss how this will impact your policy.

In addition to these state wide reductions, MAIF is also eliminating the 20% surcharge added to policies for “high performance” vehicles- this could mean significant savings for current and prospective policy holders. If you need car insurance, contact MAIF Insurance to speak with an experienced agent and get a free quote– today!

The Safe Driver discount has also been adjusted. Speak with a MAIF agent to see how you could start saving money today:

•1 year 5% discount
•2 years 10% discount
•3 years 15% discount

MAIF insurance is available to ALL Maryland residents, regardless of driving record. If you have been dropped or turned down by another insurance carrier, call MAIF Insurance and establish a car insurance policy that will provide the coverage you need to get back on the road.

There are also ways to continue to lower your annual premium with MAIF- ask a MAIF agent how you can save money in the future with better driving habits and/or adjustments to your current policy.

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