Car accident? What to do if insured by MAIF

MAIF Insurance is here to help when you are involved in a car accident. Contacting a MAIF agent right away is important for the most efficient handling of your claim. Here are a few very important tips about what to do when involved in an accident:

Call the local police: even in minor accidents, notifying the local police is important. The police report created will help in the processing of your insurance claim.
Don’t discuss or admit fault at the scene: police who respond and the insurance parties involved will determine fault.
Exchange information: be sure to leave the scene with the appropriate contact and insurance information from all parties involved- this is usually part of any police report issued as well. It is important to get contact information from any witnesses if applicable.
Document the scene: taking pictures of damage to all vehicles and the surroundings with a smartphone can be helpful- DO NOT photograph license plates or people at the scene, including anyone involved in the accident.
Contact MAIF to report the accident: you will be assigned a claims representative who will handle the details of your case and answer any questions you may have.

Following these steps will ensure that your claim is handled properly and promptly!

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