Listen to our customers- they know best!

At MAIF Insurance, we aim to provide the best customer service possible in all aspects of our insurance business. Our agents have years of experiene with auto insurance policies and understand your needs and concerns.

They stay on top of recent laws and developments in the industry to ensure that the policy you establish with us fits the state minimum criteria as well as your budget!

Here are a few testimonials from current clients:

I’ve been with Roadway Insurance for over 7 years and refuse to deal with any other company. The customer service is beyond excellent. I know whatever I need, they can provide. If I’m late they won’t cancel my insurance. They have always been understanding to my situation. Other insurance companies would have dropped me, but not them. They are more than just an insurance company, they are like family. People I can count on to take care of me.

Michelle W.

Thanks to MAIF and Roadway Insurance for writing my MAIF policy. The staff was very helpful considering the situation I was in. Thanks to those who helped me out.

Myles F.

Roadway has great prices for MAIF. If you need MAIF go there. People you can trust.

Lucy J.

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