School is starting soon- watch for school bus stops when driving!

School driving safety with Maryland Auto Insurance

The new school year is around the corner and soon school buses will be traveling on your neighborhood roads picking up children. Remember that it is Maryland law to stop and wait for a school bus that is stopped at a bus stop- no matter which side of the road you are driving on!

This is important for the safety of children who may be crossing the road to catch their bus or who may inadvertently run in front of the bus and into oncoming traffic.

Maryland imposes strict fines and points for drivers who do not stop for a stopped school bus in either direction: 3 points are added to the driver’s license of an offending motorist. This number of points will trigger a warning letter and additional points will lead to a required driver rehab class to reinforce rules of the road and traffic safety.

Some local jurisdictions have installed video cameras on their school buses to record drivers who pass them on roads.

Keeping a clean driving record is a great way to save on your MAIF insurance premiums- ask our agents if you could reduce your bill today!

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