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MAIF Wants to Keep Teens Safe Behind the Wheel

new driver insurance in MarylandTeen drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident than more experienced drivers, according to National Safety Council statistics. In addition, teens are also more likely to speed, drive while texting and under the influence. Inexperience and immature decision making often underlies these statistics, with many teens being the senseless victims of peer pressure.

Teaching a teen to be a safe driver is important and can save lives! It is crucial for parents and guardians to take the time to discuss safe driving and go over the state laws involving drinking and texting while driving. It is just as important for parents of teen drivers to set a good example. This may encourage your teen driver to use safe driving practices- and it can also save money on your MAIF premium!

Being a safe driver can reduce car insurance premiums and put more of your hard earned money in your pocket- another reason to educate your teen driver on the merits of safe driving. Establishing and maintaining a good driving record has many benefits down the road- including keeping your insurance premiums from going up!

The insurance rates for young drivers are usually higher than average until they reach the age of 25, and keeping a clean driving record can ensure the best rates as they gain more experience behind the wheel.

If you have questions about your policy or establishing a car insurance policy for a teen driver, contact one of our experienced agents to get answers and learn more about how to reduce your premiums and save money.