Do you qualify for MAIF?

Questions about MAIF? We have answers!

MAIF was established for any Maryland driver who cannot obtain car insurance through the private market due to a poor driving record.

If you have been dropped by your carrier due to accidents or moving violations, call us for a FREE quote and we can discuss your options for coverage and payment plans. Our experienced agents understand car insurance and Maryland state insurance requirements: it’s all we do!Best and worst time to buy a car by MAIF insurance

We can ensure that you get the coverage you need to get back on the road and we can set up the MAIF payment plan that best suits your policy and your budget.

Don’t drive without insurance- it’s illegal and subject to fines and penalties in the state of Maryland. If you need auto insurance, contact one of our offices or go online and get started with a free quote.

MAIF is also available for undocumented drivers who have a valid “second tier” Maryland drivers license but cannot obtain car insurance with private carriers.

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