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Reminder to All Drivers: STOP for School Buses!

MAIF insurance wants ALL Maryland customers to follow the rules of the road: it helps keep everyone safe and can also save money on insurance premiums!

Several jurisdictions have installed cameras on their school buses to record activity on roads around the vehicle during stops. Offenders will face steep fines if caught driving past a stopped school bus- in either direction!

These driving laws are in effect for one reason: keep children, the most vulnerable, safe while they go to school. Children often run to catch the bus, not paying attention to traffic and trusting that adult motorists will watch out for them. Affordable Maryland auto insurance

In many instances, drivers try to quickly pass a stopped or stopping school bus in a hurry to get where they are going: add a few extra minutes to your commute time during the school year in an effort to keep the children in your community- including your own- safe on their way to school.

It is important to note that the ONLY time a driver does not have to stop for a bus, coming from either direction, is when there is a median separation between directional lanes: a cement wall or large grassy area. In ALL other situations, drivers are required by law to stop for a slowing or stopped school bus in BOTH directions.

Remember: you may be being recorded as you pass a school bus!

Driving safely and maintaining a good driving record will ultimately save you money each month on your insurance premium. Already have a good record? Call us today and see if you can start saving now!