Towing benefits have improved with MAIF

If you have ever been stranded on the side of the road with a disabled car then you know first hand how important a towing benefit can be!

MAIF offers this option for several types of car insurance policies and recent changes have enhanced the towing benefit. Previously, the client would pay for the tow up front and be reimbursed after submitting the towing charge.

78035454The recent change allows approved towing companies to bill directly, alleviating the need for the client to pay up front. MAIF has partnered with National Safe Drivers to provide this type of direct billing for clients who have chosen to have this benefit as part of their car insurance policy. The current towing option will cover up to $75.00 of towing costs.

Call one of our experienced agents to see if your policy qualifies for this option as well as additional costs associated with adding this coverage. In most cases, the monthly fee for “peace of mind” is well worth it!

MAIF is available to ALL Maryland drivers- regardless of driving record! If you have been turned down or recently dropped by a traditional insurance carrier, call MAIF at 301-476-4887 for a FREE QUOTE and start driving again.

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