How to report an accident to MAIF

Winter weather conditions often mean a rise in auto accidents due to slippery roads. If you are in an accident, here are a few important steps to take to ensure that your accident claim is processed quickly and efficiently with MAIF:How to report an accident to MAIF

  • Call the police: always call the local police, even if the accident is minor. A police report is helpful when processing your accident claim, ensuring accuracy
  • Document the scene: if possible, take photos of the scene, being careful NOT to photograph car tags or other drivers without permission
  • Do Not admit fault: whether you are at fault or not, do not admit fault and allow the police and insurance companies determine with whom the responsibility lies
  • Exchange information: you will want to have the tag number, driver’s license number and contact information of parties involved. Be sure to get the contact information for witnesses if applicable
  • Report the accident to MAIF: call 800-492-7120 as soon as possible

An accident can be a frightening experience and understanding the necessary steps ahead of time may lead to less confusion after the fact. MAIF will walk you through the claim process and a dedicated clains representative will be available to answer your questions along the way.

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