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Watch for Bicyclists as Warm Weather Returns

It has been a challenging winter in the Mid-Atlantic region, but warmer weather is around the corner!

cheap Baltimore car insurance in MarylandWarm weather will bring a resurgence of bicyclists on area roads. While bike riders are required to follow the rules of the road, motorists must be watchful and “share the road” to avoid collisions that can often be fatal for the bicyclist.

Recent years have seen an increase in bicycle fatalities and communities have tried to increase driver awareness of those riding their bike to work or for fitness. The rising popularity of triathlons and competitive road biking has also led to an increase in cyclist traffic on area roads.

Cyclist awareness tips:

  • Observe speed limits, especially on secondary roads with limited shoulder
  • Reduce speed when approaching a cyclist to allow for reaction time if they move close to your lane or passing is required
  • Use extreme caution when passing cyclists on two lane roads
  • Look before opening your car door when parking on a roadway
  • Give way to a cyclist before turning into a crosswalk

Most importantly, do not drive when under the influence of alcohol or when you are overly tired. A safe, alert driver is the best defense against a possible collision. Safe drivers also save on their car insurance with MAIF!

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