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What to Do When the Traffic Lights Go Out

MAIF insurance aims to keep policy holders aware of the Maryland driving laws in an effort to help them improve their driving records- and save money on monthly premiums!

With the warmer weather approaching, comes the increased chance of thunderstorms, hurricanes and windy conditions. During strong weather events it is possible that your local intersection may be in the dark due to power outages. Temple Hills Maryland car insurance

In this situation, Maryland driving laws require that ALL vehicles approaching the intersection stop before proceeding through, as if it is a 4-way stop. Vehicles are to yield to pedestrians and any vehicle already moving through the intersection. As is customary in a 4-way stop, the vehicle on the right or the first vehicle to approach the intersection has the right of way.

Understanding your local driving laws is an important step towards maintaining a safe driving record. Always drive at or below posted speed limits and follow the direction of signage on your route. Not only will you improve your record and ultimately save money, you may also save a life!

Reckless driving puts everyone at risk and if convicted of it can lead to heavy fines and additional punishments levied by the MVA.

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