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Your Tax Refund can Save You Money on Insurance with MAIF

save money with Maryland Auto Insurance FundLooking for ways to save a little money on your MAIF insurance?

Consider using your recent tax return to pay in full this year- MAIF offers a 5% discount for clients who pay in full. Not only will you save money, but now you don’t have to worry about an additional monthly bill!

If you would like to take advantage of this option, contact your MAIF agent today to find out how much you will save by paying your annual premium in full.

You may want to ask about additional ways to save money on your premium: if you have maintained a safe driving record you may qualify for an additional reduction in premium. Adjusting your coverages can also reduce premiums- your agent can analyze your current policy and make recommendations on how to save either today or in the near future.

Maryland law requires that ALL drivers have car insurance and levies penalties and fines on anyone caught driving without it. MAIF is available to all Maryland residents, regardless of driving record. If you need car insurance and have been dropped or rejected by other carriers, call MAIF today at 301-476-4887 to discuss your options.