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If Your Vehicle Has Two Wheels, Then You Need Insurance!

Love to ride on your two wheeler with your friends when you can? Motorcycles and two- wheelers have always been a popular pastime – just remember that you still need insurance for the state of Maryland!502879177

MAIF Insurance can not only find that right policy you need for your motor scooter, moped or motorcycle but guide you through the state of Maryland’s necessary registration process, ultimately ensuring that you are driving with the proper required coverage.

Any driver who is stopped and does not have proper coverage is subject to fines and penalties. Also, drivers of motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters are also required by law to wear a helmet and eye protection. Failure to wear proper protection can result in a $500 fine for the driver!

Confused about coverage you need? Been denied by other insurance carriers? MAIF is available to ALL Maryland drivers- regardless of driving record.

Always enjoy driving your favorite two wheeler however please be sure to have the proper insurance required in the state of Maryland – contact a MAIF agent and get your questions answered. MAIF insurance can have you back on the road today!