Overheating Engine Tips

MAIF towing service in MarylandAlthough a car can overheat during any season for several reasons, the summer months can put strain on the engine because of air conditioner use. If your temperature gauge indicates that the engine is getting too hot, there are a few things you can do right away to possible avoid a break down or engine damage:

  • Turn OFF the air conditioning if it is running and open the car windows
  • Turn ON the heat and turn the fan to high- this draws heat away from the engine
  • If the engine continues to heat up, pull over to the shoulder, turn off the engine and open the hood to let it cool down

DO NOT open the radiator in an overheated vehicle until it has cooled down. If this is the problem, once things have cooled off, you can slowly add water back in to the fill line. If the water level does not appear to be the issue, it is best to have the coolant level and the thermostat checked and repaired if necessary.

Keeping your car in good running shape is important any time of the year to avoid being stranded on the side of the road. MAIF insurance offers a towing service option for peace of mind when traveling, especially if you have an older vehicle. Ask one of our experienced agent for information on the service and the cost of adding it to your MAIF insurance policy.

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