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Watch For Runners and Cyclists This Summer!

Auto insurance for Maryland driversMAIF insurance reminds drivers to take their time when driving at ALL times, but especially during the summer months.

The summer weather brings extra traffic on the roads, including runners and cyclists. Maryland has specific share the road laws designed to protect drivers and cyclists and reduce injuries or fatalities from accidents.

The summer months see the majority of crashes involving cyclists and runners, many of which could be avoided with safe driving habits and increased vigilance. The decreased visibility that comes with a bright sunset can also be the cause of deadly crashes involving bikes and runners. When driving home from work or before dusk on a bright, sunny day be sure to watch the roadsides for bicycles or runners and follow posted speed limits to keep everyone safe. This is a popular time to bike or run and a common time for accidents to occur.

Neighborhoods can also present an increased risk and it is important to watch for young bikers and runners who may suddenly appear from behind a parked car or come darting out of a driveway. Driving below the posted speed limits in neighborhoods can greatly reduce the chances of an accident that may injure a small child.

It is important to drive with these tips in mind to save lives- and save money! Remember that a safe driving record can reduce your car insurance premium and put more money for summer vacations in your pocket. Call MAIF insurance to see of your policy is reflective of your current driving record or to learn more about what steps you can take to reduce your monthly insurance premium. Our experienced agents are here to help you get the policy that suits your needs and your budget.