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Maryland Auto Insurance: There For You!

Maryland Auto Insurance Fund ProviderThe State of Maryland requires that ALL motorists have car insurance that is both valid and meets the state minimum before getting on the road. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to register your vehicle and obtain state tags without it.

For many residents, a bad driving record has resulted in the loss of their previous car insurance policy. The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) is there for you! MAIF is available for all residents of Maryland who have a valid Maryland drivers license.

If you have been dropped or rejected by other insurance carriers, contact us for a FREE quote and get back on the road driving. MAIF now offers convenient payment plans designed to help you budget your annual premium and avoid the extra costs often associated with third party financing of your full premium. Our agents have years of experience with car insurance and understand what you need to drive legally in the state of Maryland.

Maryland Auto Insurance also offers policy options such as towing coverage to give you peace of mind when driving, especially if you have an older vehicle. Ask your agent about additional coverage options to be sure you get the policy you want that will meet your needs.

We can help you with tag and title services too!