Understanding Auto Insurance Rates

Cheap Maryland Auto Insurance Rates with MAIFWhen it comes to car insurance premiums, many people feel overwhelmed and frustrated as they go through the confusing process of obtaining the insurance coverage they need within their budget.

It is important to realize that many factors come in to play when insurance companies provide a quote for your new policy: age, location, drivers record and type of vehicle all play a role in determining the cost of your annual premium. The 2015 Rate Comparison Guide for Consumers includes more about the cost of car insurance throughout the state.

While it is state law that ALL Maryland drivers have insurance coverage that meets the state minimum, many drivers cannot get coverage through traditional insurance companies due to a poor driving record. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) is available for drivers who cannot obtain an auto insurance policy. Established in 1972, MAIF provides drivers who live in the state of Maryland with the insurance coverage they need- regardless of driving record!

NO ONE is turned down.

MAIF has recently instituted payment plan options designed to save you money and budget your car insurance throughout the year. Save money on future premiums by improving your driving record. For more information contact one of our experienced agents.

In today’s busy world, being able to drive is often a necessity- and you need insurance before leaving your driveway or parking spot! We are here to help you understand your insurance options, your rate and how best to get the coverage you will need within a budget you can afford. Call today for a free quote: 301-476-4887.

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