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Summer Car Safety Tips From MAIF

child car safety tips in MaryandMAIF Insurance wants to remind drivers to help keep kids safe this summer and offers several tips to avoid an emergency situation.

Recent tragedies involving small children being left in vehicles should serve as a reminder for all of the hazards of high temperatures in a closed car. If outside temperatures are over 80 degrees, the temperature in a car can quickly escalate to well over 100 degrees- even with the window cracked! For a child or pet, this can become a deadly situation within a short period of time.

Summer safety tips:

  • Drive below posted speed limits in residential areas and parking lots
  • Use headlights to improve the visibility of your vehicle when driving
  • NEVER leave a child of any age in a car- even for a moment!
  • Lock your vehicle to prevent a small child from entering it and releasing the brake
  • Watch for any fluid leakage in the road or your driveway where kids may ride and/or play

Practice these safety tips to help enable yours and other children to have a safe and enjoyable summer.

And of course, don’t even think about driving without the proper car insurance! If you have been denied by other insurance companies, contact MAIF Insurance today and be back out driving right away. We work with ALL Maryland drivers, regardless of their previous driving record and will ensure you get a policy that meets your needs AND the state minimum requirements.