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Stop For School Buses or Get A Ticket

School is back in session and Maryland Auto Insurance Fund wants to remind ALL drivers that Maryland law requires them to stop for school buses that are picking up or dropping off children. This applies to both lanes of traffic, not just the cars behind the school bus!

At the beginning of the year, traffic may be slower and heavier during the morning rush hour as families adjust to the new schedules and school buses learn their routes. Please add some extra drive time to your morning commute to make your day less stressful- and keep everyone safe on the road.

501334529Local police will be on the lookout for drivers who pass a school bus, especially from the opposite direction. If you see a bus ahead, slow your speed and watch for the flashing yellow lights which signal an upcoming stop.

Remember to stop at least 20 feet away from the school bus from either direction and wait until the bus has started moving before resuming driving your own vehicle.

Drivers who speed near a school bus or pass a stopped bus endanger the children on or near the bus as well as other vehicles who may be stopped. It is important to remember that children riding school buses can be as young as 4 years old! Please take their safety seriously and take your time.

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