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How to Avoid Purchasing a Flood Damaged Car

Flood Damage, MAIFIf its too good to be most likely is!

You’ve driven up to a car dealership. They have a few rows of cars of the make and model you’ve been interested in. They are each the current model year or perhaps just a model year behind. They all have low miles, but they’re not “new” cars. What gives..?

And there’s more.. some smell funny – and there’s also a hint of “new car smell” spray/shampoo. In fact, it’s almost as if that spray and shampoo smell has been applied to disguise the musty smell.

Well chances are, you might be about to purchase a vehicle that has been flooded!

While some may consider the savings on a flooded car worth the risks – for most of us, they’re an experience best to stay away from. So here’s what you need to look for if you think a car has been flooded in the past.

-Check the cars title

If its a salvage title vs. a clear title that should be cause for concern.

-Look for warning signs

Inspect the gauges for moisture and that they’re operational.
Test everything in the car that’s electrical.
Check for rust.
Check the padding and look for any water lines.

If you find any of the above issues walk away!

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