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How To Lower Annual Premiums

Required by the state of Maryland, auto insurance can become an expensive and stressful responsibility. Many insurance companies will drop you if you you have too many accidents or unpaid tickets. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund has you covered, regardless of your current situation. MAIF understands you depend on us to keep you covered, so you keep living your life. Connect with a Maryland Auto Insurance provider to find out how to get the right plan for the right price.

Cost is a huge concern when dealing with insurance, if the rates you qualify for are still too high, you may want to consider Maryland Auto Insurance Fund payment plan. MAIF offers options on how to pay the annual premium for the coverage you need within your budget.

Tips For Lower Premiums With MAIF

1.Drive Smart, Drive Safe
Staying alert, obeying the speed limit, and stopping at red lights are all good ways to avoid accidents. Avoiding accidents means less insurance claims – keeping your annual premium at a lower rate.

2. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Little bumps and scratches are normal wear on a car. For minor incidents that don’t affect the safety of your vehicle, it is best to pay out of pocket. If you pay for the small stuff out of pocket along the way, your rates will be lower, and you will save money long term.

3. Get The Right Coverage

Do you outright own an old car? Then you may not need comprehensive coverage. Make sure you have the correct insurance for the vehicles you have.

Contact a Maryland Auto Insurance Fund consultant today to find the right coverage, we’ll cover you, no matter what!