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Be Thankful for MAIF

For many drivers in the Baltimore and Washington Metro Area this means the season of traffic jams. The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the most heavily travelled weekends of the entire year. People are traveling all over the country to celebrate with family and friends.

This Thanksgiving you can be thankful for MAIF. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund accepts all drivers, regardless of driving history or if you have been dropped from other auto insurance plans.

Keep this holiday season a joyous one with these holiday driving tips from Maryland Auto Insurance Fund.

Leave Early
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is generally the single heaviest travel day of the year on American highways. Try to plan your trip on the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving if possible. Traffic will be significantly lighter on these days and keeping your stress levels low and allowing you to arrive on time.

Leaving early always helps beat travel stress. With extra time on your side, you do not have to rush. Rushing can cause anxiety and auto accidents.

Be Calm & Attentive
Stay alert and calm while driving and make sure you are well rested. Do not be distracted by cell phones or cranky passengers. Being attentive while driving can save lives and keep the roads safe during the holiday season. Getting aggravated can lead to unnecessary road rage and accidents. You do not want to be the cause of the fender bender that blocks the whole highway.

Drive Sober
Always drive sober, never drive if you have had alcohol beverages. Plan ahead for a sober driver, or call for a ride. Ask your friends and family you are visiting if you can spend the night if you plan to drink. Driving intoxicated is never worth the risk.

Be Prepared
No matter how careful of a drive you are, accidents happen. Make sure your car is properly insured before heading out to enjoy time with friends and family this holiday season.

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