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Roadway has great prices for MAIF. If you need MAIF go there. People you can trust.

I just needed to get an extension on my payment due to some events in my personal life and my Maif Agent was there to assist me. Thanks

I did some shopping around for the cheapest insurance and I thought Roadways rates were very good. I would recommend them.

Great place to go for insurance, very nice people there and reasonable prices.

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The winter months can bring forth some unpredictable weather. If you find yourself caught in a winter storm, it is important to know what steps you should take to keep you and other drivers safe on the roadway. Depending…

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Knowing the right steps to take in case of a car accident can save you time, money, and a hassle in the long run. At MAIF we want our drivers safe on the road. Unfortunately, car…

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Winter is coming, and that means taking the trip to visit family you haven't seen in forever. Long car rides can sometimes be tricky. Staying focused on the roadway can help keep you and other drivers…

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Taking Care Of Your Car

At MAIF, we believe that taking preventative measure can help you avoid car problems in the future.  Why wait to fix something when it breaks when you could avoid the hassle altogether. Preventive maintenance will save you time,…

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