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What is MAIF?

MAIF stands for Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, now rebranded as My MD Auto. MAIF Insurance Online is an authorized independent Maryland state provider that issues and underwrites auto liability insurance for Maryland drivers who cannot obtain auto insurance on the private market.

Maryland Auto Insurance is an agency where all policies are sold through an authorized Maryland Auto Insurance provider.

Maryland Auto Insurance Policy Requirements:

  • Maryland state resident
  • Licensed in the state of Maryland or have a current Maryland registration
  • Unable to obtain Maryland car insurance through a private carrier

If you meet these requirements, you qualify for Maryland Auto Insurance. We do not turn anyone down. Even if you have a bad driving record or multiple offenses, we will cover you with a My MD Auto Policy. Get a Quote for My MD Auto here.

Learn More About Maryland Auto Insurance:

If my car insurance company drops me due to non-payment, can I get MAIF Insurance?

If your car insurance company drops you because you could not pay your bill, then you do not qualify for Maryland Auto Insurance.

Does Maryland Auto Insurance offer more than liability insurance?

In addition to providing liability insurance, which is mandatory to have in the state of Maryland, they also offer comprehensive and collision insurance. Collision coverage will pay for damages if you hit another vehicle or object. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages to your vehicle from certain events such as a fire, hail, or vehicle theft.

Do I have to be a Maryland resident to get MAIF insurance?

The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund is only for Maryland residents. To qualify for it, you must show proof that you live in the state.