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Maryland Auto Insurance Fraud FAQs

Maryland Auto Insurance has created a Special Investigations Unit specifically to detect and deter insurance fraud. Many people think insurance fraud is harmless and doesn’t affect them. The truth is, insurance fraud affects all policy holders and is estimated to raise insurance premiums by as much as $300 annually.

What is Insurance Fraud?

There are many types of insurance fraud from understating the number of miles you drive in a year to get a cheaper rate to deliberately faking an injury to illegally collect money from the insurance company.

Other examples of insurance fraud include:

  • Faking an accident or exaggerating injuries
  • Giving the insurance company a fake address to get a lower premium
  • Including existing damage when reporting a claim
  • Withholding information about your driving record
  • Falsely reporting a loss or theft

How to Report Insurance Fraud

You can help fight insurance fraud. If you suspect fraud, contact local law enforcement, Maryland Auto Insurance  or the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
NICB Hotline: 1-800-TEL-NICB
Maryland Auto Insurance  Hotline: 1-800-500-0333
Hotline Calls are Free and Anonymous