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Maryland Auto Insurance Brought to you by Roadway Insurance Agency

A leading provider of My MD Auto (formerly Maryland Auto Insurance Fund) insurance policies, MAIF Insurance Online helps more drivers get back on the road with Maryland Auto Insurance faster than any other provider in the state. We have provided help to people that needed car insurance in Baltimore, MD for over a decade.

What To Expect With Maryland Auto Insurance

  • No Hassle Service. Our car insurance providers make the process of finding Maryland Auto Insurance easy. You can start by contacting us over the phone or online. We have dedicated Maryland Auto Insurance providers throughout the DMV. Such as Baltimore, Upper Marlboro, Silver Spring, Laurel, as well as Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Western Maryland.
  • Immediate Coverage. As a Maryland resident driver, the state requires that you carry auto liability insurance in order to operate a vehicle. We will get you quick, affordable Maryland Auto Insurance quote with immediate coverage. We do not turn anyone down.
  • Low Cost Maryland Auto Insurance. As the leading Maryland Auto Insurance providers, we are able to offer the best prices on Maryland Auto Insurance with flexible down payment options. We will work with you to get you back on the road.
  • Annapolis, MD Insurance. We also provide car insurance in Annapolis, Maryland for our customers that have had trouble with other insurance companies. The process is hassle free.

Maryland Auto Insurance Coverage

Maryland law requires drivers to carry a minimum liability of:

  • $30,000 in bodily damage per person
  • $60,000 in bodily damage per accident
  • $15,000 in property damage per person

Without this minimum, you cannot register or renew your vehicle. The state can even suspend your registration. The lender or dealer may require drivers to carry higher coverage if you drive a leased vehicle or have a loan against your car.

Requirements for MAIF Insurance Online

As mentioned above, we do not turn anyone down. We believe that car insurance companies have a duty to provide affordable rates for drivers. Here are some examples of the types of drivers we can provide auto insurance to:

  • People with a low credit score or poor credit
  • Drivers with an old DUI record
  • Drivers with a clean driving record
  • Minimum coverage for young drivers
  • Drivers with good credit
  • Drivers with speeding ticket history
  • Good drivers with clean records

Getting car insurance in Baltimore, Annapolis, or any county in Maryland should not be hard. If you’re having trouble finding auto insurance in Maryland, contact us for a car insurance quote today.

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