Personal Car Insurance

State law requires that drivers maintain a minimum level of auto insurance. This coverage is designed to protect yourself from liability and loss in the event of an accident, and it also is designed to protect other motorists as well. Personal car insurance is easily available for most drivers through any number of insurance companies. Many people can get a great deal on their coverage by shopping around online for coverage. However, there are times when an individual is turned down for coverage by these companies.

So what can you do if you are turned by insurance companies and cannot find coverage that is mandated by state law? The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund provides motorists with the coverage they need when they are not able to get coverage from insurance companies. There are several different companies that offer this coverage, also known as MAIF, but the rates offered on these fund policies are not all the same. Drivers who are obtaining coverage under MAIF should be aware that they may get a better deal on their coverage by shopping around. Further, making adjustments to a MAIF policy’s deductible and opting for coverage that meets state minimum requirements can further save a driver money on their policy.

While MAIF can provide drivers with the coverage they need to drive legally throughout the state and beyond right now, being rejected by insurance companies for personal car insurance may be an indicator that safer driving habits should be followed. Drivers may find that taking steps to avoid traffic citations and accidents can help drivers to qualify in the future for a traditional policy. This may include driving more slowly, driving more courteously, and obeying traffic signs and light signals fully. With safer driving habits, a driver may find that they can qualify for a traditional car insurance policy in the future.

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