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How do I qualify for MAIF? | 301-GET-MAIF

ANYONE who lives in Maryland can qualify for MAIF!

MAIF was created in 1972 for drivers who could not obtain car insurance with any registered insurance vendors due to a bad driving record. MAIF is available to all residents of the state of Maryland , and is the low cost alternative if you have been denied by other insurance carriers.

At MAIF Insurance Online, we offer the most competitive rates with flexible payment options. We can get you back on the road TODAY!

If you have been dropped by your current insurance company after an accident or several moving violations, contact us today and we can provide a quote immediately and answer any questions you may have about MAIF. Our representatives are knowledgeable and understand the concerns and questions you may have concerning car insurance and motorist safety in the state of Maryland.

At MAIF Insurance Online, we seek to provide not only the best rates for MAIF insurance coverage, but customer service that includes keeping you up to date on the changing laws of the road in Maryland through our website. Check our website and follow us on FB to receive news about any new driving laws that may affect you:

  • OCT 1: new hand held device law now prohibits talking on a cell phone while driving without using a hands free device such as Bluetooth. drivers caught holding a cell phone will be pulled over and fined.
  • OCT 1: ALL passengers in a moving car must be wearing a set belt, including those in the back seat.
  • OCT 1: Children under the age of 8 who are under 4 ft., 9 in. in height must be secured in a child safety seat.

These new laws affect all Maryland drivers and are aimed at improving safety on the roads. If you have any questions about these new laws, contact a representative at MAIF Insurance Online and we can help.