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MAIF Offers a Payment Plan to get you Insured Today

Is your vehicle sitting in your driveway because you have recently been dropped by your car insurance carrier due to a bad driving record?

Are you undocumented and have a new Maryland driver’s license but need car insurance to get on the road?

MAIF insurance is available to ALL residents of Maryland, regardless of driving record or immigration status! If you have been dropped, have too many violations on your record to establish a traditional policy or are an undocumented Maryland resident, contact MAIF insurance to get an immediate free quote.

MAIF insurance now offers a convenient payment plan with several options for down payment and monthly payments, depending on your coverage and policy. MAIF clients no longer have to go to a third party lender to finance MAIF payments- ask an agent for the details and get started with a policy that will suit your needs today! MAIF insurance agents can also provide tips on how to reduce premiums in the future to save you money in the long run!

Undocumented residents of Maryland who have obtained a driver’s license under new legislation can establish an insurance policy with MAIF, even if they have been denied by traditional insurance carriers. Driving in Maryland without car insurance is both illegal and subject to fines and loss of registration. Don’t drive without insurance!

Contact MAIF insurance today and become an insured driver!