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What is MAIF?

ThinkstockPhotos-176664514MAIF stands for the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, which is a state operated insurance pool for Maryland residents who are unable to obtain standard automobile liability coverage. It was created in 1972 for the purpose of eliminating the classic Catch-22 of a government mandate that all drivers carry insurance coupled with private companies’ ability to decline coverage to those deemed to be poor actuarial risks. This coverage hole is filled by MAIF.

MAIF is not an insurance company. All MAIF Insurance policies are sold through authorized MAIF Auto Agents.

MAIF Auto Insurance Requirements:
Maryland state resident.
Licensed in the state of Maryland or have a current Maryland registration.
Unable to obtain Maryland car insurance through a private carrier.
If you meet these requirements, you qualify for MAIF Insurance. No one is turned down. Even if you have a bad driving record or multiple offenses, you will be covered by MAIF Insurance.

By law, MAIF is restricted to Maryland residents who have been refused coverage by two private insurers or had their current policy cancelled. One unique feature of MAIF is that policyholders who are accident-free for a period of three consecutive years are required to leave the system unless the policyholder attempts to obtain coverage from at least two private insurance carriers and is refused. Under these conditions, policyholders are permitted to re-apply to MAIF for coverage.

With MAIF Insurance, you can meet Maryland insurance requirements.