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513136557The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF) is an insurance company specializing in insuring “high risk” drivers with multiple offenses on their driving records. If your vehicle is insured through MAIF and you have accumulated three or more violations in one year, your record will be sent by MAIF to the MVA Driver Wellness and Safety Division (DW&S) for investigation and review. The purpose is to ask the MVA to re-examine your driving-related skills to be sure that violations and incidents are not related to specific problems (e.g., deteriorating vision, dementia, seizures).

Once the MVA receives your name from MAIF, the MVA will send you a letter and a re-examination form. This letter will explain that you have been referred by MAIF and that you must come to the MVA for the testing of certain driving-related skills. The letter will notify you of the time frame during which you must be tested. You may be required to take any and/or all of the following tests:


You must take the re-examination form with you to any of the full service MVA branch offices once you have made an appointment to take the test(s). If you pass all required tests, the MVA will clear your driving record. You will not need to take any other actions.

If you fail any test(s), your driving privileges (driver’s license) may be suspended. Please note that you may request the MVA to re-test you as soon as the following day.

There is no fee involved in this process.

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