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Spring Rain And Slippery Roads

Even though winter has passed, dangerous driving conditions have not. Drivers tend to believe that winter is the only season with unsafe roads due to snow, but springtime brings other dangerous driving conditions.

Rain showers occur frequently in spring and wet, slippery roads are a dangerous driving condition. Many drivers are unaware that wet roads cause your car to take up to four times the normal stopping distance to complete a full stop. Coming from the winter season, car tires tend to deflate so it is important to check your tire pressure, which can also affect braking. While driving, take extra care and time when preparing to stop.

Seasonal rain can be unexpected, and rain could occur while you are already on the road. It is key to check your headlights before you start driving so your visibility is not hindered in the chance of a storm. You should also check taillights, backup lights, turn signals, parking lights, and brake lights so other drivers can easily see you in any weather condition.

Since spring rain can be heavy and could possibly flood roads, be prepared for large puddles. Driving through these puddles not only splashes water on your windshield, hampering your vision, but also can cause the car to hydroplane. Try to avoid driving through puddles at a fast speed.

Wiper blades are another vital component of your visibility during rain. A driver should check their wiper blades frequently because worn out blades will greatly hinder your vision. It is recommend that a car’s wiper blades are replaced once a year.

Spring weather not only brings rain, but also more pedestrians, which can include: walkers, runners, bikers, etc. During rain or shine, stay alert to pedestrians on the roads. Also keep in mind that on warm days, children could be playing outside in the yard or on the streets.

Before beginning any drive, make sure your insurance is up to date. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) provides any driver insurance, regardless of the driver’s history. It is always important to be insured, especially when seasonal rain can create dangerous driving conditions.

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