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Keep Your Car From Overheating

Summer heat means we have our air conditioners on high, including your car’s AC- this can contribute to overheating. When a vehicle overheats, the engine runs too hot, which could potentially damage your car or even ruin your engine. An overheating engine can be inconvenient and frustrating, however it can be avoidable if you take a few preventative steps.

A common cause of an overheating engine is low coolant, also known as antifreeze. It is important to make sure your radiator has enough coolant. Checking and replacing your coolant regularly is going to help your engine from overheating as well as preventing corrosion. Keeping extra coolant in your car can also be helpful if you’re stranded on the road. If you notice a low level of antifreeze, it may be a possibility that you have a leak.

Your vehicle’s serpentine belt runs the water pump that is a major component of the coolant system. If your belt is not working properly, then neither is your water pump. A broken belt will cause your engine to overheat. If you are not sure of the belt’s condition, a mechanic can assist you in the inspection.

Initially if your temperature gauge is moving toward the red or a notification light appears, immediately turn off the air conditioner. The AC puts a lot of strain on your engine. If the problem persists, turning on your heat to full blast will help take some of the heat away from the engine. If you car does overheat while on the road, the first steps you need to do are turn off the car, open the hood and allow the car to cool off.

Regularly checking your vehicle’s coolant and belt will help prevent an overheating engine. If you are stuck on the side of the road, the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund offers a towing option which can be purchased for your policy to give you peace of mind.

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