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Keep Kids Safe this Summer

Summer is in full swing! This means children are out and about enjoying the warm weather and sunny days. Roadway, a leading provider of Maryland Auto Insurance Fund wants to remind drivers to keep kids safe this summer by offering several safe driving tips for the summer.

We know how important child safety is. You drive a safe car, and use car seats to prevent injuries to your child. But, there are other dangers in and around motor vehicles that even the most careful parents can overlook.

Summer Driving Safety Tips:

  • Drive with caution and below speed limits in residential areas
  • Use caution when backing up or puling forward to make sure no child is in the way
  • Use headlights to improve your visibility and alert others
  • Never leave a child of any age in a parked car
  • Use child locks on power windows to prevent children from getting hurt
  • Make sure there is nothing in the way when putting up a window
  • Lock your vehicle to prevent children from entering
  • Watch for fluid leaks where children might play

Trunk entrapment, carbon monoxide, and seatbelt strangulations are just a few of other ways children can be hurt by a car. By using these summer safety tips, you can help prevent children from getting hurt. Children are small and cars are big, so always stay alert.