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Be Prepared And Have Car Insurance

You hear the message often from the Division of Motor Vehicles: Driving is a privilege; not a right. The ‘privilege,’ however, results in more than 30,000 wrecks every day. About 1/4 of those wrecks involve injuries – the rest are generally limited to property damage.

Given the above facts about the number of wrecks and the injuries or damage that can happen, it’s no surprise that Maryland requires some form of auto insurance. Be responsible and make sure you have insurance coverage on your car.

Following are some of the reasons why:


Car insurance ensures compliance with state laws. What happens if the expenses from a wreck exceed the limits of a driver’s policy? The driver is responsible. Make sure to carry the minimum liability coverage.


States do require drivers to have auto liability insurance in case they cause wrecks resulting in medical bills and/or property damage for others. Liability coverage also can help in the event the driver is issued in connection with a wreck he or she causes.

Peace of mind

Having car insurance will reduce your stress and frustration. After an accident, the car insurance company can take care of the claims processes.

Why do motorists need car insurance? Wrecks happen, even to safe drivers. When they do, auto insurance can provide protection against financial ruin.

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