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New Maryland Auto Insurance Law

What You Should Know About Maryland’s New Auto Insurance Law

There is a new law in Maryland regarding your auto insurance. Effective October 1, 2016 Maryland drivers must now carry proof of auto insurance coverage. This new Maryland law requires drivers to possess, or carry a current insurance identification card issued by their insurance carrier when in their car. The insurance identification card can be printed or viewable on your cell-phone. Failure to produce your proof of insurance could result in a $50 dollar fine.

The fines will not start being issued until July 2017. So if you are already insured through Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, make sure you print out your proof of insurance, or have it easily accessible on your phone.

If you do not currently have auto insurance, make sure you contact one of our Maryland Auto Insurance agents. Our agents will help you get the coverage you need. MAIF will work with independent auto insurance companies to find you the right car insurance. Maryland Auto Fund offers you coverage that fulfills all Maryland State Insurance Requirements.

Are you worried you may not be able to get coverage? Do you have a lot of points on your license or have other insurance companies dropped you? Maryland Auto Insurance will insure you and your car, no matter what. MAIF does require you to be a Maryland state resident and currently have a Maryland license and Maryland registration.
Avoid fines, make sure you have auto insurance and are carrying proof. Get a FREE MAIF quote for auto insurance today or contact one of our agents.