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Get The Most From Your Gas

We are always looking for ways to make our money go further. Save on gas during this busy travel season with some tips and tricks from Maryland Auto Insurance Fund.

Keeping your car well maintained may help increase gas mileage. Make sure you get regular oil changes and switch out your air filter when needed. Proper vehicle care can keep your car running well and your gas mileage high.

The best way to maximize your gas efficiency is by driving safe. Your driving habits can affect your vehicle’s gas mileage.

Accelerating slowly can help increase your gas mileage. Quick acceleration requires an excess of gas. If you go slow, your gas may last longer.

Another good tip is to stay alert and anticipate upcoming stops. Gradual stops burns less fuel. Take your foot off the gas earlier to avoid using unneeded gasoline.

Driving the speed limit will help maximize your gas. Speeding and dodging in an out of other vehicles is dangerous and uses more gas than necessary.

Driving safe can keep you and your wallet happy.

MAIF offers Maryland Auto Insurance Fund policies for Maryland residents. Contact one of our Maryland Auto Insurance Fund representatives to find the right auto coverage for your vehicle. MAIF is available to all Maryland residents regardless of your previous driving record.