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Tips For Safer Spring Driving

As the weather warms up more pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles will be hitting the roads. As a responsible automobile driver, it is important to pay attention and share the road. Everyone deserves a space to safely commute to work or school or just to enjoy the beautiful weather. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund encourages drivers to be extra alert these early days of spring.

Do Not Text & Drive

You should never be looking at your cell phone while operating a vehicle. Texting and driving causes accidents and fatalities. Be sure to put your phone away. Remember, texting or being on your phone while driving is illegal in Maryland and could land you with a big fine.

Look Twice

Always look again before turning or changing lanes. Motorcycles and bicycles are smaller than your vehicle and could be hiding in your blind spots. Always look twice to make sure the road is clear for you to move.

Drive The Speed Limit

Driving the speed limit can help reduce accidents. Bicycles and pedestrians are highly vulnerable to high-impact collisions. Slow down, look around, and drive safe this spring so everyone can enjoy the long warm days.

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